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Not to be outmatched by the unparalleled fly fishing, Elk Creek Ranch also offers world-class big game hunting opportunities. Located in the heart of North America’s largest elk migration corridor, hunters come from all over the United States to pursue elk in the White River Valley. Along with the significant elk population, hunters can find mule deer, bears, and mountain lions.

With the recent addition of the Seven Lakes property, specifically the Dry Creek and Pollard Ranches, Elk Creek Ranch now boasts 14,000 contiguous acres of deeded land with nearly 15 miles of national forest boundary. With 25,000 total acres between owned, easement, and leased property, hunters have a high probability of success.

Many members at Elk Creek Ranch enjoy the pursuit of the elk when hunting season rolls around. Starting with the bow hunting season in September, through the rifle seasons in October and November, the Ranch is always a gathering place to tell stories of the day’s hunt. Every year members join the hunting season, where they have the opportunity to harvest trophy elk in some of the most scenic country Colorado offers. Elk Creek Ranch can accommodate everyone from beginners to seasoned hunters.